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Complaints about us

How do we deal with complaints about us? #

If you have a complaint about the way we are running the Imamo pravo znati service, please contact the admin team. Those seeking to make complaints via other routes will be directed to the admin team.

If you are unhappy with the way a matter has been handled by one team member, you can request that another member of the team review what has taken place and seek to resolve the matter.

The Imamo pravo znati team will seek to apply the site’s existing policies or discuss adapting the policies to respond to any novel circumstances which arise.

We endeavour to deal with complaints promptly; occasionally we decide to wait for one of our regular monthly meetings to discuss a case, we will inform you if that is happening in relation to a matter you have raised.

Having been through these two phases, should you remain unhappy with a decision made by the Imamo pravo znati team, you may request that the matter is discussed internally with a group including Code for Croatia’s Chief Executive and trustees. Code for Croatia is the parent organisation of Imamo pravo znati.

Ultimately, the trustees are responsible for the running of Imamo pravo znati. If required, Code for Croatia’s Chief Executive will make a recommendation to the trustees who will make the final decision on the matter.

Imamo pravo znati’s activity is subject to national law regulation. Those who remain dissatisfied are welcome to use these and other external routes of complaint and appeal open to them.