Dear Hrvatski sabor, Zagreb,

according to Art. 30, Sentence 2 of the Sabor Standing Order, the parliamentary party groups need to enclose their procedural rules (Rules of Procedure) to the declaration of foundation and submit both to the Speaker of Parliament and Secretary of Parliament. Therefore, I would like to request electronic copies of any available Rules of Procedure of Parliamentary Parties from the current and past convocations.

Yours faithfully,
Oliver Kannenberg

Službenik za informiranje, Hrvatski sabor, Zagreb

Dear Mr. Kannenberg,
based on Article 23, Paragraph 1, Subparagraph 6 of the Right of Access to Information Act (Official Gazette No. 25/2013, 58/2015, and 69/2022), I inform you that your submission is not considered a request for access to information in the sense of Article 18, Paragraph 5 of the Act.

Article 18, Paragraph 5 of the Act stipulates that requesting for insight into the entire case file, explanation or instructions concerning the exercise of a right or execution of an obligation, conducting an analysis or interpretation of a regulation, or the creation of new information, shall not be considered a request for access to information.

With your submission, you requested parliamentary archival material on all parliamentary groups (klubovi zastupnika) in all parliamentary convocations, which in a practical sense represents the conducting an analysis, the creation of copies of archival material created by the work of the Parliament over 30 years. The current Right of Access to Information Act does not consider a submission of this type, for obvious reasons, as a request for the right of access to information.

Within the framework of the Right of Access to Information Act, you can further significantly limit the scope of information you request from the Croatian Parliament and request such a reduced scope of information through a new request for the right of access to information.
In addition, access to archival material is also possible based on the provisions of the Act on Archival Collections and Archives (Official Gazette No. 61/2018, and 98/2019) and the Rules of Procedure for Use of Archival Collections (Official Gazette No. 121/2019) with the obligation to prove the purpose use of collections and reimbursement of expenses.

You have the right to submit an objection to this notice in accordance with the provisions of the Administrative Process Law (Official Gazette No. 47/2009).

Best regards,

Vesna Stanković Benak, dipl. polit./M.A. in Political Science
Službenica za informiranje / Information Officer

Republika Hrvatska / Republic of Croatia
Hrvatski sabor / Croatian Parliament
Trg sv. Marka 6, 10 000 Zagreb
e-mail: [Hrvatski sabor, Zagreb e-mail za zahtjeve]

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